Reader. Hiker. Dancer. In a previous life, I used to teach and do research. Amateur photographer and writer. In love with mountains, forests and wilderness. Interested in people who do what they are passionate about. Interested in people who struggle and keep going.


I try to publish weekly. My posts usually mix text with photos. All photos are mine, unless specified otherwise.

I write about the power of stories to move people and, sometimes, mountains. About what makes the difference between a story that uses fiction to tell the truth and stories that misuse facts to tell lies. What makes the difference between stories that build and strengthen and stories that undermine and destroy. And about how to get rid of toxic stories.

Through stories, we try to make sense of what is going on, find a meaning, or cope with problems. Sometimes this helps: through stories we find meaning and motivation. You can defeat the dragon. You can escape from the bewitched forest. You are more than your failures.

But there are also stories that reinforce fragility and weakness, and keep us captive. Stories about what we desperately need, what we fear, what would make us happy or unhappy. Stories that keep us stuck in fear and dependence.

Stories are a double-edged sword. They can be used to build or destroy, to strengthen or to weaken. I want to understand not only what makes great stories work, what makes them inspire and move to action, but also how to break the spell of toxic stories we tell ourselves.

If some of the stuff on this site speaks to you, I’d love to keep in touch.

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