Old tombstones

These 18th – 19th century tombstones are to be found in the back garden of small wooden churches in Transylvania. The grass grows wild. It gradually covers the tombstones, which are now perfectly integrated in the natural landscape.

The black dog of depression

“With the depression, your vision narrows and begins to close down; it is like trying to watch TV through terrible static, where you can sort of see the picture but not really; where you cannot ever see people’s faces, except almost if there is a close-up; where nothing has edges.”


The place beyond the forests (that’s what the name means) that I’ve discovered as a child and I always returned to.

A night in Alfama

The calm of the old quarter of Lisbon built on the shore of Tagus. There are different ways of travelling. There’s travelling to see and travelling to be seen. The first one is about discovering and losing yourself in what you’re discovering. It is about trying to become part of the scene without altering it. Staying low key, watching, letting things happen. The second…

The colors of lisbon

Walking through the old streets of Lisbon and enjoying the colors, light and mood of the city.

The life of trees

You don’t need to be a tree-hugger to understand that trees lead their own lives, in silence and without making a bit deal out of it. And that this life is linked to ours in different ways.