Pictures and words

Good photography can talk by itself. Truly great photos carry the story and the emotion within that frame. But great photos are few and far in between for anybody, including accomplished photographers. And all photos, great or not so great, can benefit from written word.

Looking vs seeing

How often do you look at the sky?


This is a good time to ask yourself what are the things you could go without and what are the ones you really need. The ones you couldn’t or wouldn’t want to live without.


The place beyond the forests (that’s what the name means) that I’ve discovered as a child and I always returned to.


Most of my photography so far has no human subjects. This is because it started out of my love of being outside, in the wild, deep in the forest. I’ve come to appreciate all types of photography and I’ve started experimenting with portraits and street photography. But the emotional core of my photo work remains connected to nature and wilderness. What is the subject…


Time is perceived differently at different ages. I remember the endless days of my childhood, the agitation of waiting for something that was just a few hours away but seemed to be forever frozen in the future. Now I cannot make sense of many days before they’re already gone. I just record their passage. It’s like sleep – you go in and out of…

Letting go

When it comes to photography, learning to relax and accept what happens, to let go of control, is as important as technique. Serendipity is behind some of the most interesting photos. It’s important to make plans. It’s even more important to realize when they need to be abandoned or changed. Get into the scene, be present. And work with the situation as it is,…