Dia de muertos

The day of the living is everyday, although the living don’t seem to realize it. The dead have their day too, when the living are invoking them, talking to them, talking about them without being regarded as morbid or mad. Social conventions are dropped for a while, as in all traditional celebrations. Then we put the mask back on.

Pictures and words

Good photography can talk by itself. Truly great photos carry the story and the emotion within that frame. But great photos are few and far in between for anybody, including accomplished photographers. And all photos, great or not so great, can benefit from written word.

Keep on moving

There are different ways of travelling. There’s travelling to see and travelling to be seen.

Silent streets

The city is still living its silent life. Still breaths its hidden breathing. Almost deserted.

Looking vs seeing

How often do you look at the sky?

The summer before the virus

Belgium is not known for its sunny climate. It’s not that uncommon to have weeks upon weeks of rain and grayness. But when the sun finally comes out, it transforms everything. The streets, the buildings, the people.


This is a good time to ask yourself what are the things you could go without and what are the ones you really need. The ones you couldn’t or wouldn’t want to live without.


Visual content is nothing without some organizing principle or structure. Composition is mostly about setting boundaries and simplifying what we present, what we make visible to the others, so this principle becomes visible.


It’s not until you are forced to isolate that you realize to what degree photography is a social activity.


Most of my photography so far has no human subjects. This is because it started out of my love of being outside, in the wild, deep in the forest. I’ve come to appreciate all types of photography and I’ve started experimenting with portraits and street photography. But the emotional core of my photo work remains connected to nature and wilderness. What is the subject…