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The kind of photography that speaks to me

/…/ But there are moments when it’s a good thing to be vulnerable. To be able to breathe in this space of change and possibility. To take distance from the emotional drama in our heads and watch it like we would watch a soap opera. To suspend judgment and just notice. To let it hurt for a while.

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Thank you for all the gifts The ones that I asked for, the ones I didn’t ask for The ones I didn’t even know were there That cup of cocoa That night train across the mountains That uncontrollable anger Those boxes under the Christmas tree The dark butterflies of helplessness in my stomach Those uplifting […]

Playing With Texture

Textures speak to that deeper part of us that reacts and wakes up to sounds, touch, color, light and shadow. No words needed. Words can describe, explain, interpret, justify, but the emotional connection is already there. Running my hand across the bark of tree trunks as I find my way into the forest, my eyes […]


I started out, as most of us do, being overly preoccupied with sharpness and focus. Of course, there’s a place for sharpness and focus and some compositions require them more than others. But there is also lots of scope for playing with them and sometimes leaving them behind. This is true even for documentary photography, […]

The Call of the Mountains

This week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Amy, is all about mountains. In the mountains, I’ve felt at peace, exhilarated, grateful, exhausted, scared, lost. I walked endless trails that took me way out of my comfort zone. I found myself up on the mountain, in the wild, as it was getting dark, wondering how will […]

Tender is the night

I suddenly woke up as if an alarm was going off somewhere. A high-pitched noise drilling holes into the fabric of reality. But there is nothing. The silence is complete, definitive, almost painful. I dreamt of you. Again. You were looking at me with that look of calm detachment. Not even disappointment. Not even resentment. […]

Single Photo Stories: Autumn Sun

There’s something discreetly glorious in this lazy October sunset. Backlit fallen leaves and mushrooms. The almost imperceptible breeze. The buzz of insects slowly rising through the forest like a mist. I am sitting in a small forest clearing with the sun on my face. There’s nothing I can add to the scene, nothing that can […]

Flowers bursting out of concrete

I spent a few days in Amsterdam attending a workshop on visual storytelling. I have a special interest in storytelling so I was quite excited to sign up, especially as the workshop was held by a photographer I knew and admired.

Rainy night

It rains over the city like a curtain falling after a big show. Contours are blurred out. Light trails lit up the night. Colors dissolve into one another. Hurried silhouettes pass by. Summer is gone. The irreversibility of this simple fact is now made concrete, almost painfully tangible. There’s no going back to that part […]


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