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The masks we wear

/…/ But there are moments when it’s a good thing to be vulnerable. To be able to breathe in this space of change and possibility. To take distance from the emotional drama in our heads and watch it like we would watch a soap opera. To suspend judgment and just notice. To let it hurt for a while.

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Snapshots, postcards and photos

What are our photos saying? What is their real subject? Things have changed a lot since I first started playing with a camera, almost four years ago. I took a lot of bad shots. Felt tired and discouraged. Searched and experimented. Had small breakthroughs. Found myself in the right place at the right moment. Had […]

What if I stop running?

The endless struggling and competing. Trying to be a good pupil, a good friend, a good lover, a good parent. Constantly pushing myself to the limit. Feeling that it’s never good enough. Always running towards something, which means always running away from something. What if I stop spinning the wheel? Sometimes I am just so […]

The little things

“Perhaps it’s true that things can change in a day. That a few dozen hours can affect the outcome of whole lifetimes. And that when they do, those few dozen hours, like the salvaged remains of a burned house—the charred clock, the singed photograph, the scorched furniture—must be resurrected from the ruins and examined. Preserved. […]

Closed doors

There are visible doors that remain closed forever. And there are invisible doors that become visible only when they close. Once upon a time, a man from the countryside wanted to get access to law (or justice). The access was through a guarded door. Every time he was trying to get in, the doorkeeper was […]

A journey through the old Brussels

At the end of a certain Impasse Sainte Pétronille, carefully hidden just a few steps from Grand Place, there’s an old brick and wood house that holds inside much more that it gives away at first glance. Weekend tourists may know the beer tasting tours that invariably pass by the pub downstairs. The pub where […]

The dark attic

The air smells of fruits getting ripe in the gentle autumn sun. The trees are full of apples and plums. I took a short trip to the village where my grandma used to live. The old house is slightly crooked and beaten by rain and winds but defiantly still there. I knew what I wanted […]

Autumn mood

I’ve assembled a short series of photos about autumn light and colors. What they have in common is the presence of that soft, warm sunlight that falls on things almost horizontally. There’s a special muted intensity to it. Bright but not harsh. Caressing rather than burning. Obviously, they also have in common the forest. It’s […]

Artificial Light

I used to photograph in natural settings most of the time. Natural light was a given, with some exceptions when I wanted to experiment, especially when shooting in very low light. Then I started photographing in urban settings more and more. I love walking around early in the morning or late at night. I like […]


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