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The masks we wear

/…/ But there are moments when it’s a good thing to be vulnerable. To be able to breathe in this space of change and possibility. To take distance from the emotional drama in our heads and watch it like we would watch a soap opera. To suspend judgment and just notice. To let it hurt for a while.

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The night train

I cannot remember how long I’ve been in here. The monotonous sound of the train wheels turning incessantly and hitting those tiny separations between rail segments. Lights of forgotten villages flashing across the window. Travelers with faces emaciated by tiredness and loneliness, who move like sleepwalkers through the train, looking for a seat that’s always […]

It’s raining at the end of the world

It’s a new year. I found it hard to mobilize myself to write. It’s not that I lost motivation or inspiration. It’s the rain, the gloominess, the lack of sleep, the time-consuming agitation of life. It’s the wild, mixed emotions. Thinking about what was and what could have been. Oh yes, it’s definitely the rain […]


I sometimes find myself looking for serenity as if it were a moment of grace detached from the here and now. I suspect it happens to most of us. Serenity becomes a way of getting away from problems and finding a little bubble of comfort. A holiday thing. The problem with this is that holidays […]

The stories we live in

I would lie if I said that I started this blog having a detailed plan for going forward. But one thing I knew well: it would be about the spellbinding power of stories. It would be about how stories take hold of us, enlighten us or push us into submission, make us happy or miserable. […]

Human signals through the fog [English/Français]

It’s 4 am and it feels like the day will never come. It may come on another planet, where things still go on the way they always used to. The sun will rise and the myriad creatures of that planet will bask in the morning light, stretch, and warm their bodies. Down here, it feels […]

Mother forest

What makes you feel at home, safe, and grounded? What places, times, and conditions do it for you? I’ve felt unsafe a few times in my life, but it almost never happened in the forest. Even if it was far away from the beaten path, or getting dark, or otherwise far from the familiar and […]

Photography as meditation [English/Français]

There’s nothing to pushing the shutter button. It takes a fraction of a second. Unless you’re using a film camera, you can take as many shots as you like, delete most of them, and then take some more. You can do it as an ego-affirming gesture, as yet another form of narcissist expression. You can […]

Traveling the world

I woke up before anybody else. Like a sleepwalker, I prepared my backpack before fully realizing what I was doing. I took a few sips of hot coffee and I went out in the cold air. Past my neighborhood, with its smell of freshly-baked bread and its familiar streets that I can recreate in full […]


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