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Walking in silence

“Only by going alone in silence, without baggage, can one truly get into the heart of the wilderness. All other travel is mere dust and hotels and baggage and chatter.” (John Muir)

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Back country roads

Wandering through the backstreets of the world. Just noticing. Just walking. There is no destination. Just being present. This is in response to Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #158 (Along Back Country Roads).

Do our blogs represent us?

How much of what I write here represents me? How much of it does it really say something about who I am? I imagine that you, the one reading these words right now, are also posting more or less regularly on your blog. I assume that your posts are meant to convey something meaningful to […]

Of humans and puppets

The old puppeteer looks tired. As always, after the play is over he bids farewell to the people in the audience. He thanks them for being there. He is still using his puppeteer voice when he tells them, with a smile: “If you loved the play, go tell your friends about it. If you didn’t […]

Summer in Paris

A cloudy summer evening. We’re walking aimlessly through the big city. On the banks of Seine, young people are chatting around something to eat and drink. The waves created by big tourist boats fade away at their feet. The rain comes unexpectedly and we find ourselves floating in a sea of umbrellas. For a few […]

Hard wall

Do you remember? There used to be a door here Its frame is etched in my brain My hands retain the memory of opening it Over and over again There used to be a door here A way of letting light in A way of letting myself out The air on the other side smelled […]

Where stories take place

Traditional story openings are fascinating. First, because they show how much we share across cultures and parts of the world. Second, because they tell us a lot about the internal logic of storytelling. In its turn, this reveals how we communicate things that we consider worth transmitting over cultures and generations. Openings set the scene […]

What is trauma (II)

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I want to take a bit more time to explore the manifestations of trauma. But first I want to clarify how this relates to the core interest of my blog – storytelling and the role of stories in how we see ourselves, see each other, and behave. Self-narratives The […]

kid walking away towards light

What is trauma?

Do you feel intense rage or sadness in situations that do not seem to justify such extreme reactions? Do you often feel deeply vulnerable, as if your whole skin has been peeled off and even the slightest touch can provoke a lot of pain? Do you feel helpless, stuck, captive in situations or relationships? Do […]


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