Since Sarah (from Travel with me) invited us to share three of our favorite photos, I thought about what I would choose and, more broadly, about how we relate critically to our own work.

The photos that tend to stay with me are those that tell a story that’s meaningful to me. Those that reconnect me to that past moment when I took the photo, but also to the story, emotion, mood, or idea that stayed with me over time. Although I tend to overthink and over-intellectualize in other parts of my life, when it comes to photography I go with the gut. I know (or feel) that some compositions make sense long before I start analyzing them.

Technical aspects matter too but are not nearly as important as the capacity of some subjects and compositions to speak directly to my emotion and sense of meaning.

There’s no real hierarchy here, but the photos below would probably be in any of my shortlists.

Lisbon, 2018

This lady leaning against the window is out of focus. I’m fine with it. I took the photo from a distance and then I cropped it. There’s something about her there, profiled against the dark interior. Something that invites a story, or maybe just a question. There’s also the contrast with the run-down facade. The colors and the textures. The emotional aftertaste of that moment in Lisbon.

Brussels, 2020

This photo was taken in one of the periods of relative social relaxation during the pandemic. It’s all about the light. It’s all about hope and about the joy to be back among people, enjoying a sunny day. The people themselves, or what is left of them at low shutter speed, look like manifestations of light.

Lisbon Oct 2019

Back to Lisbon. I took this one in Alfama, the hilly historical district opening toward the river Tagus and further away, to the ocean and the whole world. A quiet morning on a deserted street, with the sounds of domestic life coming through the doors and the windows. The street taking a turn, inviting you to ask yourself what’s around that corner where the light comes from. The bird in flight. The colors. The calm of just being there, with nothing else to do and nowhere else to go.

15 thoughts on “Triptych

  1. I loved these shots and your reflections on them 😀 The middle one is my absolute favourite but all of them are great and they definitely convey the atmosphere of the scene in each case. Thanks for joining the challenge!

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  2. Three times wow Florin – they’re all wonderful and absolutely would have made top 3 on anyone’s list! I agree about the woman and the mystery of that image, and also love that you captured the bird headed down the curvy alley. The middle image would have been great in Tracy’s Surreal challenge as well as this one, it’s terrific.

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  3. Excellent images Florin. I can’t pick a favorite. I think the woman in the window didn’t have to be super sharp, in fact, I like the soft focus. Sets a mood. The ghostly people at slow shutter is creative. And the bird flying through at the right time–perfect.

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