Shades of blue

It gets late and the tide is coming in strong. I am at the water’s edge, watching my feet slowly disappear under water.

The breeze is carrying smells of faraway life and death, of drifting away and never coming back.

Seaweed. Decomposing creatures washed ashore. Salt. Cold. Fear. Calm.

Fantastic shapes in the sand, resisting until the next big wave washes everything over. Water, the big equalizer.

I’ve overexposed the photos in order to simplify the composition and get rid of unnecessary details. I didn’t need sharpness. It’s more like the images you see through your eyelashes, squinting, with the sun in your eyes. I realized that overexposure also gives the photos a retro look. Something of an old, forgotten summer holiday caught on film by an amateur who was still figuring out exposure.

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