Almost anything can be improved by removing stuff. Simplifying it. Getting rid of the clutter. Then getting rid of even more clutter, which at first glance may have seemed important.

It works with books, photographs, relationships, or lives.

We are compulsive hoarders of sensations, emotions, objects. We commit to impossible schedules and we have impossible ambitions. We want to be everywhere and part of everything. Not miss out. Not be left out. We live on the run and then, from time to time, we inevitably break down.

Minimalism is not just about being content with less. It’s about getting out of the rat race every once in a while. You know, nothing crazy or earth-shattering, just common sense really. Stop running to look around and appreciate where you are. Rest. Breathe. Stop trying to do everything. Let go.

The images below respond to this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge hosted by Sofia on the topic of minimalism/maximalism.

It’s my take on minimalism in photography. I understand it not so much in terms of formal simplicity (few elements, negative space, etc.) but rather in terms of simplicity of approach: focus on essentials, remove the clutter and the distractions.

A storm is coming (North Sea coast, Belgium, 2019)
Through the high grass (The Ardennes, Belgium, 2019)
Quiet evening among the flowers (Brussels, Belgium, 2020)
Budding fern (Foret de soignes, Belgium, 2018)
Sunset on the sea (Ostende, Belgium, 2019)

15 thoughts on “Minimalism

      1. Yes, Florin! Oh my goodness yes. I’ll not ramble but there is so much truth in this. Thank you for sharing your generous thoughts, and these gorgeous photos you have curated. The light coming through the grass is absolute heaven.

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