Somewhere towards mid-April, this Belgian forest gets covered in millions of bluebells. In the sunlight, trees draw intricate shadow patterns on the carpet of flowers that extends far into the distance.

I went there early in the morning, about a week ago. At first, some high-altitude clouds were covering the rising sun. There was a diffuse light that created almost no contrast. Then, the sun pierced through and everything changed. Things moved into focus as if you’d put the right pair of glasses on.

The forest floor became alive, like a feline slowly waking up and stretching. Intense blue crisscrossed by moving shadows. A psychedelic trip into color, texture, smell, and sound.

This is my entry for Terri’s Sunday Stills Challenge.

7 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Your words are beautiful to describe the sunlight on the flowers.”The forest floor became alive, like a feline slowly waking up and stretching.”–what an amazing description! Such gorgeous photography. I love hiking in my mountain wilderness in Eastern Washington State, and I take pics of everything, too. Welcome to Sunday Stills and hope you can join in this challenge each week. There are quite a few other bloggers who host challenges you may like. Enjoy!

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