The spring in color

It’s the high time of spring. There’s a continuous explosion of color. I have watched the small wood anemones come and go, just days ago. Now they’re already replaced by the bluebells. Some patches of forest are still making the transition from white to blue and, for a while, they coexist.

I like to go out early and see how the colors are transformed, enhanced, nuanced by the morning light. I usually have the camera with me and most times I will come back with some photos. But there’s only so much I can capture on camera.

The rest, that full experience of light and color and wind and forest life waking up, is out there, un-capturable and un-expressable. It is the lived experience of the human behind the camera, or without a camera. That person will be there, to experience this play of elements, only for a while. Spring will come and go. Flowers will fade away. The faces of those roaming the forest early in the morning will be replaced by other faces. But that glorious sunlight rising through the trees will be there, for anybody to witness, as long as trees will still stand.

This responds to Anne’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, “Colorful Expressions”.

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