Autumn mood

I’ve assembled a short series of photos about autumn light and colors.

What they have in common is the presence of that soft, warm sunlight that falls on things almost horizontally. There’s a special muted intensity to it. Bright but not harsh. Caressing rather than burning.

Obviously, they also have in common the forest. It’s the place where the change of seasons and the passing of time are visible in a very direct and tangible way.

There are obvious changes such as the color of the foliage, but there are also countless minute changes in the microscopic life on the ground and the smells of the forest.

All the photos below have been taken in Belgium in the last two years.

This is in response to this week’s Lens Artists Challenge, Colors of Autumn, hosted by Amy.

14 thoughts on “Autumn mood

    1. We don’t have that problem in Belgium, where August was already kind of an autumn month while September was a moderate summer (in terms of temperature). Now it rains…


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