Moments in time

I chose a few photos that respond to this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Your Inspiration. Each photo was taken in a context (place, time, mood) that I find inspiring.

I tend to develop a strong connection with certain places and return to them again and again. However, it’s not the simple presence in those places that provides inspiration. It’s a mix of narratives and emotions built around them, sometimes linked to specific times of the day (or night).

Some other times, it’s the cool breeze of exploration and discovery. The thrill of the unexpected.

Dew-covered fields at sunrise (Belgium, 2018)
Afternoon sunlight in the backstreets of Alfama (Portugal, 2019)
The sea after sunset (Belgium, 2019)
The free-range horses of Transylvania (Romania, 2019)
Path towards the heart of the forest (Belgium, 2019)
Watching the sunrise from the dunes (France, 2021)

20 thoughts on “Moments in time

  1. Lovely choices Florin – you’re so right, inspiration depends on many things. The wonders of the world around us is there for us to enjoy always, but especially at special moments such as you’ve chosen and shown beautifully. Well done!

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  2. Hi, Florin. I’m delighted you joined us this week. Welcome! I really enjoyed your collection. The light is wonderful. The perspective of the shot with the horses is great. It really draws us into the shot. The same is true of the street scene in Portugal. Wonderful! Once again, thanks for joining us!

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