In the wild

Right now I am travelling. Going from one place to another, never far from the forest and the wilderness. I have little time to write, and my mobile connection is appearing and disappearing.

But I wanted to write this short post anyway.

I am taking long hikes. I don’t mind being physically tired. It’s refreshing. It’s so different from the tiredness I used to feel a few weeks back. I felt as if the whole world was closing in.

Every now and then, the rain comes. A few minutes of pouring down, and then it all slows down and the sun shines through the clouds. The air is fresher and smells of forest life and faraway places. The colors are more vivid.

There’s a seemingly endless energy that keeps me going.

Here, it’s so much easier to accept things as they are. Here, the problems in my head are scaled back down to their real dimensions. There’s just this step, then the other. And the sun, the rain, the smells, and the colors. And all the life happening around.

8 thoughts on “In the wild

    1. Thank you! It’s been raining a lot lately and everything looks crisp and fresh. But there were floods too, I’ve passed through areas that were ravaged by the waters.


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