Letter never sent

I write this letter that I will never send you
in reply to the letter I never received from you
an eye for an eye, an absence for an absence

I remember lying among summer flowers
both of us naked in the dark
I remember walking alongside you
the forest path opening to infinity

I remember the contour of your hips in the dark
the feel of your crushed lips
the dizziness from navigating your deep salty waters

I remember countless arguments
crumpled faces, empty eyes
you being you and me being me
over and over, to exhaustion

I remember how your eyes lit up sometimes
looking at me

The other night I dreamt of you
We were two strangers in a room full of people
At last.

This poem was originally published on Luna’s blog. I am a photographer and prose writer rather than a poet, but there are moods and moments that lend themselves better to poetry. For me, they are mostly soul-crushing moments and I usually try to get through them quietly.

I took the photo after sunset, at the North Sea.

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