Reset moments

There is a basic energy that keeps us going and brings us back to ourselves, if we let it. I’m not talking about surviving and just pushing through. I am talking about healing and reconnection.

I am reluctant when it comes to “spiritual” language because there’s so much misuse and abuse of it. But in this case I simply cannot find better words. It feels just like healing a physical wound. It feels just like regaining access to a part of you.

It feels like being able again to connect to what is happening in the present.

Looking at my previous posts, I realize that I may sound like somebody who’s often struggling or in crisis. And that is far from true. There is struggling, but there is also hope, joy, calm, strength and flow.

Healing is not something you can schedule. There is something unpredictable and uncontrollable about it. However, there are things that can support it.

One such thing is to have reset moments. When everything feels fresh and possible. When you feel at home in your own body and self. When, although your problems are still there, they are felt as separated from you. Something you can tackle.

These moments may be related to specific places, times of the day, or things you do. They don’t need to be big.

Having the first sip of coffee on a Saturday morning and thinking about the weekend ahead. Walking in silence. Standing in front of the open window, breathing the fresh air just after the rain, and listening to the birds singing. Waiting for the sunrise out in the fields. Following a narrow path deep into the forest. Cooking, dancing, playing an instrument, reading or whatever else gets you in a state of flow.

These are the moments when you give yourself a break and just allow things to happen and come to you. Whatever will be and whatever needs to be fixed, it is for later. Right here and now, there’s nowhere else you need to be and nothing else you need to do.

How is it for you? What kind of moments, places or activities offer you that kind of reset?

5 thoughts on “Reset moments

  1. It occurs to me that the simple things in life have been forgotten. For many reasons.
    I agree that reset moments can ground us and help us press pause.
    I love opening the window before I go to bed to listen to the sounds of the night. Where I live it’s very rural and the noises of nature remind me of the small part of the universe I inhabit.
    Enjoy those restful episodes, they serve us well.

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    1. Thank you. I also discovered that very simple moments, such as standing in front of the window and taking everything in, can be surprisingly powerful. Although I’ve lived most of my life in big cities, I constantly go back to the countryside and to the wilderness. I used to spend a lot of time in the countryside as a kid and this longing has never left me.


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