Under the cloud

After so much rain, the forest is a giant sponge. My footsteps quickly fill up with water behind me. Millions of raindrops are suspended on the smallest, finest tree branches. The air is electric and thick with humidity. All the colors are saturated.

It hasn’t stopped raining since forever. The sky is one giant cloud. I can barely distinguish nuances of gray. I can barely recall the last time I saw the sun.

I am high from all the color, the fresh air and the climb up here. The forest is alive.

The meandering river. Parc National des Deux Ourthes, Belgium, January 2021.
Wood, moss and rain. Parc National des Deux Ourthes, Belgium, January 2021.
Color splash. Parc National des Deux Ourthes, Belgium, January 2021.

3 thoughts on “Under the cloud

  1. Through this discreet dance of words and photos, you found the art to make it magical; as well, desirable and accessible; you are showing Nature in its authentic beauty. Thank you! * If we will try less to separate ourselves from Nature, we might start feeling like you, and seeing it through eyes that feel at home everywhere in this loving Nature. (Sorry if it sounds pathetic. What I mean: your form of expression has balance and amazing quality and I enjoy it at max.! Superbissimo!)


    1. Dear Liana, thank you for your kind words! Writing and photography are ways of exposing ourselves in front of people we don’t know. When something seems to get through and touch somebody else, it feels nice. I’ve just visited your blog and I like a lot what I see. Take care.

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      1. so generous of you, Florin! * when I have the time to explore on the field of blogs, I sometimes get the chance to find beautiful voices – voices like yours; then, I feel very lucky and optimistic – artists still know how to recognize and how to express pure beauty; and this is a good sign of healing for the humanity;* Thank you! Stay well, brave and safe!


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