Mirrors and decay

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Mirrors are often the symbol of the hidden, the subconscious. They are gates to something that is not readily available or visible, but can become visible during some sort of altered state.

In the fairy tale of Snow White, the mirror is the one telling the truth, revealing the true nature of the charaters. Vampire stories insist on the fact that vampires are invisible in the mirror, as they have no soul.

In the Greek mythology, Narcissus is punished by the gods to fall in love with himself after seeing his reflection in a lake.

Oscar Wilde has a well-known novel in which his character, Dorian Gray, sells his soul so he can stay young and beautiful, while his portrait on the wall, metaphorically a mirror, ages and becomes more wrinkled by the day.

Lewis Carrol wrote about a mirror giving Alice access to a parallel world where everything we experience here is working the other way around, such as getting closer to things by running away from them.

I took this shot in an old cafe and dance club of Brussels. It has been deserted for decades and it has decayed slowly into a ruin. A beautiful ruin.

The mirrors of the staircase have become foggy and wrinkled with age, and everything they reflect is slightly bent and out of focus, as in a dream.

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